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PCE 2018 Integrated Resource Plan Filed with the CPUC on August 1, 2018

Please find below links to the IRP documents that PCE filed with the California Public Utilities Commission on August 1, 2018.

PCE Standard LSE Plan 2018

Appendix C: PCE Base Resource Data Template 2018 (Non-Confidential Version)

Appendix D: PCE New Resource Data Template 2018

Appendix E: PCE GHG Calculator 2018

Advice Letters

An advice letter is an informal request submitted by PCE via a letter to staff at the California Public Utilities Commission approval, authorization, or other relief specified within the letter. An advice letter may also be a compliance filing required by the CPUC pursuant to order or resolution.

PCE 004 (2019) – Request for Local RA Waiver for 2020-2022 Compliance Period

PCE 003 (2019) – GHG Performance Standard

PCE 002 (2018) – Energy Storage Compliance

PCE 001 (2017) – Greenhouse Gas Emission Performance Standard Compliance

Peninsula Clean Energy

Peninsula Clean Energy