0% Rate Increase for
San Mateo County and Los Banos​

Our energy rates are not going up

It’s getting harder to afford energy, so we’re doing something about it.

Peninsula Clean Energy is your source for reliable, affordable clean energy. While PG&E is how your energy, and your bill, reaches your doorstep, Peninsula Clean Energy is where your energy comes from. We’re your neighbors – we feel the strain of rate increases the same way you do – and when we heard PG&E was increasing rates by 15%, we knew something had to be done to help residents and businesses in San Mateo County and Los Banos.

Unlike PG&E, we’re not increasing your rates. Why? Because our job is to serve you, not shareholders. California residents have some of the biggest energy bills in the country, so we’re delivering a big solution: a 0% rate increase. What does all of this mean for you in terms of real dollars? This means that your bill will be roughly $10 less per month than if your energy was sourced directly from PG&E.

An informed customer is a powerful customer. Learn more about your bill, how our rates work, and how affordable clean energy can help improve the way you live.

Shawn Marshall

Chief Executive Officer

“Not raising rates is us living up to our promise to bring you affordable clean energy.”

How our affordable clean electricity gets to you

About why the cost of your electricity isn’t going up and how we’re able to do that

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Providing cleaner energy at lower prices since 2016

Peninsula Clean Energy is a community-controlled local public agency. It was formed by San Mateo County and all 20 of its cities and towns in 2016, and joined by the City of Los Banos in 2020.