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July 25, 2023

Peninsula Clean Energy’s EV Ready Program Hits 500-Charger Milestone

Program has showcased cost-cutting, right-sizing approach to EV charging

REDWOOD CITY, CA –  Peninsula Clean Energy’s EV Ready Program has installed 500 electric vehicle (EV) chargers in San Mateo County, while demonstrating how to build an equitable EV charging network at a lower cost.

The EV Ready Program has showcased a successful approach to significantly expanding access to overnight charging at multi-family housing by right-sizing the charging network to meet the daily needs of most drivers.

Electric vehicles can reduce transportation costs, the second largest expense for typical households, by 50 percent or more. Yet, lack of access to charging in apartment complexes is a major barrier especially for underserved communities. Two-thirds of the chargers installed in the EV Ready Program are at multifamily residences, demonstrating cost-effective strategies that work to fill a major gap in expanding an equitable statewide network.

The EV Ready Program, whose projects are currently averaging $4,400 per charger installed, are substantially below other similar programs operated in the state, which range from $10,000 to $18,000 per charger installed. The approach reduces costs to install EV charging by focusing on providing Level 1 and power-managed Level 2 chargers in overnight parking scenarios. This approach can deliver 50 to 70 miles of charge overnight, more than the average daily commute of 25 to 35 miles for most drivers.

Based on a detailed analysis of commute patterns across San Mateo County and multiple other counties, more than 94 percent of drivers can easily meet their daily needs by charging overnight using Level 1 and power-managed Level 2 chargers. Traditional Level 2 chargers are substantially more expensive (often triggering costly and time-consuming service upgrades), result in fewer installed chargers overall, and are only in use for a fraction of the time that they are plugged in at sites such as apartment and condominium properties.

Level 1 charging is the most affordable type of charging being utilized under the EV Ready program. The average cost to install Level 1 chargers is $2,400 per charger, including panel updates, providing an opportunity to install much more charging with limited funding.

“Peninsula Clean Energy’s EV Ready program was very helpful in determining the existing electrical capacity at our site, and with their right-sized charging approach using low power outlets, we were able to maximize the number of chargers installed for our residents,” said Brandon Aiello, a property manager at Tyrone Properties, who received technical assistance and rebates through the EV Ready Program. “And with Peninsula Clean Energy’s rebates, I was able to put in several outlets at one of my properties at no cost to me.”

According to the California Energy Commission (CEC), California needs about 2 million EV chargers by 2030 and the state is well short of that target.

“The status quo isn’t going to get us where we need to be in terms of making EVs accessible and affordable to all drivers,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Shawn Marshall said. “Our right-sizing approach will allow for more widespread access to charging and will help us make a sizable dent in transportation-sector greenhouse gas emissions, which are the largest contributors to climate change in our area.”

The EV Ready Program is an unprecedented $28 million effort to install EV charging infrastructure at commercial workplaces, multi-family dwellings and other public locations. The goal of EV Ready, the largest EV charging program sponsored by a Community Choice Aggregation agency, is to install 3,500 charging ports in San Mateo County and the City of Los Banos.

The EV Ready Program includes free technical assistance for eligible properties to support project design, equipment discounts, bidding and contractor selection, as well as multi-faceted financial incentives. Properties receiving that technical assistance also have access to preferential pricing for EV charging stations.

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