All-electric homes

The switch is on from fossil fuels to carbon-free energy

The modern, all-electric home is more comfortable, energy efficient and healthier for your family and the planet. By using highly efficient electric appliances for heating and cooling air, heating water, drying clothes and cooking, you won’t be combusting methane gas in the home. Instead, as a Peninsula Clean Energy customer, you’ll be using at least 50% renewable and 100% clean electricity.

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Learn about switching from gas to electric

Become more energy efficient

Modern electric appliances are at least 3X more efficient than gas appliances.

Keep your family safe

All-electric homes avoid gas leakage, combustion emissions and other hazards.

Improve indoor air quality

Methane gas use can pollute the air, electricity doesn't.

Be prepared for outages

Maintain power during outages with battery backup.

Help the environment

Methane gas use causes carbon emissions - switch to electric!

Reduce your energy bill

An all-electric home with solar can save you money.

The Switch is On

Peninsula Clean Energy is part of a statewide coalition supporting the transition from methane gas to 100% clean electric appliances. See below how you can make the switch.

At least 40% of methane gas used by homes is for heating water. Heat pump water heaters are clean, safe and all-electric. And they are at least three times more efficient than gas heaters. Rebates available now.

With a solar and battery system, you can reduce your energy costs, power your home when the electricity grid is down and save money. Check out the Power On Peninsula program

Electric vehicles cost a lot less to run and maintain than gas-powered cars and emit 1/25 the amount of greenhouse gases. Find out more about incentives for new and used EVs.

Instead of a gas furnace and separate air conditioning system, a heat pump system is an all-in-one heating and cooling system that is fully electric and at least three times more efficient. Learn more.

Energy-efficient electric dryers can replace your gas clothes dryer. Some use heat pump technology and can reduce energy use by 28% compared to standard clothes dryers. Learn more.

Electric induction stoves heat up food faster, have fine-tuned controls that are just as responsive as methane gas stoves, and are much safer and easier to keep clean. Don’t confuse these with old-fashioned electric coil stoves! Learn more.