All-electric homes

The switch is on from fossil fuels to carbon-free energy

The modern, all-electric home is more comfortable, energy efficient and healthier for your family and the planet. By using highly efficient electric appliances for heating and cooling air, heating water, drying clothes and cooking, you won’t be combusting methane gas in the home. Instead, as a Peninsula Clean Energy customer, you’ll be using 100% carbon-free electricity.

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Learn about switching from gas to electric

Make your home more energy efficient


Modern electric appliances are at least three times more efficient than gas appliances.

Keep your family safe


An all-electric home avoids gas leakage, combustion emissions and other hazards.

Improve your indoor air quality


Methane gas appliances can create indoor air pollution in your home, electric appliances don’t.

Be prepared for outages


Maintain power during outages with a battery backup system.

Help the environment


Methane gas use in buildings causes more than 20% of San Mateo County carbon emissions – switch to electric and make a difference.

Reduce your energy bill


An all-electric home with solar can save you money.

The Switch is On: Peninsula Clean Energy is part of a statewide coalition supporting the transition from methane gas to 100% clean electric appliances. Click the hot spots on the illustration below to see how you can make the switch.