Electricity bill too high?

Many of our customers are concerned about their electricity bills this winter. We hope these replies to questions we have been hearing will help you better understand your rates, programs you may qualify for and actions you can take to manage electricity costs. This charge on my bill . . .

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Zoox Pioneers Electric Robotaxi Using Clean Electricity from Peninsula Clean Energy

Self-driving car company Zoox took a big step in helping to pioneer development of autonomous ride-hailing when it unveiled the all-electric robotaxi in December. And much of the company’s work that led to that milestone – including business operations, manufacturing and maintenance of the vehicle test fleet – has been . . .

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A big contributor to climate change comes from right inside your home. A growing body of research is proving that water heaters are doing far more than just warming your showers. Residential appliances contribute 66 percent of heat-trapping natural gas emissions from buildings in San Mateo County. Of that, the use of furnaces and water heaters are the leading sources.



圣马特奥县教育办公室宣布了25名杰出的学校领导,他们因在2019-20学年的创新可持续发展努力而获得了One Planet学校挑战奖。圣马特奥县“一个星球学校”挑战赛的目的是确定学生,老师,管理人员和社区成员 . . .



Meet our Citizens Advisory Committee In addition to a Board of Directors comprised of elected officials, Peninsula Clean Energy is advised by a group of highly engaged community liaisons through our Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). Established in 2017, members include environmental advocates, energy professionals, labor organizers, teachers and youth leaders, and other active community leaders. The CAC has been integral to Peninsula Clean Energy since its launch and gives the community a voice in its choice of electricity services, clean energy resource investments, and energy programs.