Dulce hogar

2021 All-Electric Award
Residential Leader

Ubicación: Emerald Hills area of Redwood City

Tipo de construcción: Single family home, remodel 

Estado: Terminado

Tamaño: 3,500 square feet

Terminado: 2015

Propietarios: Eric and Diane Sweet

Visión general

The Sweets have been actively reducing their carbon footprint for about 20 years, starting with retrofitting their diesel car to run on recycled vegetable oil. Ten years ago, they removed the gas meter from their home and made it fully electric.

Since then, they have retrofitted their home to be zero net energy (ZNE). It is very energy efficient and produces energy from both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Not only is the aptly named Sweet Home all-electric and ZNE, but it exclusively uses recycled and sustainable materials and irrigates the landscape through a grey water system that uses their shower and laundry water.

The homeowners run a company, emeraldECO, that specializes in working with homeowners who want to retrofit their homes to be all-electric. Their home proves that they “walk their talk!”

Características especiales

  • 10.5 kW PV system
  • 360 square feet of solar thermal
  • Heat pump system for domestic hot water and space heating
  • Hydronic radiant heating/cooling
  • placa de inducción
  • Insulation in all walls, ceilings and crawl spaces using recycled blue jean material
  • Custom-designed fresh-filtered outside air system
  • EVSE to charge electric vehicles

Grupo de proyecto