Clean power.
Lower cost.
Community reinvestment.

Clean power at lower cost

You can choose between two electricity services:

5% savings compared to PG&E’s rates
50% renewable & 100% clean energy

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100% renewable energy that is Green-e® certified
A cost-effective way to choose 100% renewable energy

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Our electricity generation rates are lower than those of PG&E

Noticed Peninsula Clean Energy on your PG&E bill? It's not an extra charge. That's how you know you are getting clean energy at lower rates. Since we began in 2016, our customers have saved about $143 million  in electricity costs. 

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Community reinvestment

Local programs that benefit our residents and businesses

By working together, we have cut hundreds of thousands of metric tons of carbon emissions. As a not-for-profit organization, we have been able to re-invest over $94 million for energy programs and outreach for our community that further reduce carbon emissions, support local jobs, and deliver further savings and benefits to the community.

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