Peninsula Clean Energy was launched collaboratively by the County of San Mateo and all twenty of its cities. Our goal is to provide electricity that is 100% greenhouse gas free by 2021 and 100% renewable on a 24/7 basis by 2025.

Clean Power.

Lower cost.

Noticed Peninsula Clean Energy on your PG&E bill?

That’s how you know you are getting cleaner energy at lower rates. It is not an additional charge.

Community Programs and Benefits

Electric Vehicles Are a Better Ride

Thinking about switching to an electric car? Now's the time!

Electric vehicles (EVs) cost about half as much to run, have lower maintenance costs, and emit 25x less emissions than gasoline-powered cars.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Incentives

EV charging incentives for installing EV chargers

Our programs will accelerate electric vehicle charging infrastructure deployment in the workplace (public and private, schools, etc.), apartments and condominiums, and retail locations.

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Community Energy Pilot Programs

Innovative pilot programs benefiting San Mateo County

We awarded grants for six innovative local pilot projects to reduce GHG emissions, support low-income customers, and advance electric transportation.

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Community impact

Expected combined annual savings for our electric customers
Estimated metric tons of carbon emissions saved annually
Equivalent to removing this many gas cars from the road for one year

News & Blog

How to minimize your electricity costs while at home

March 31st, 2020|

As we shelter in place against COVID-19, most of our customers are spending far more time at home than usual, which may contribute to higher-than-normal electricity bills. Here are some special bill credits and programs ...(continue)

EV program helps get another gas car off the road

March 31st, 2020|

Paul and Hannah Breslow really enjoy the extra torque an electric vehicle (EV) delivers to get up steep roads to their home in hilly San Carlos. But that is not the main reason they ...(continue)