Central Menlo Park Residential Remodel

2022 All-Electric Leader

地點: 門洛帕克

建築類型: Single family residential, renovation

地位: 完全的

尺寸: 2,900 square feet, of which two-thirds was remodeled

完成日期: January 2021

能源使用強度: 31

Homeowners: Eric and Kristin Hansen

接觸: kjordahl@yahoo.com, (415) 309-0188


When the Hansens started the planning process to remodel their 1950s ranch-style Menlo Park home, they knew they wanted to make their remodeled home as “green” as possible. Working with environmental consultants, emeraldECO, they designed and implemented an all-electric plan for the home including electric HVAC, electric water heater, and all-induction range and electric oven for the kitchen. Additionally, they installed a new swimming pool, heated by an electric heat pump. But they didn't stop there!

To make electric more affordable, they installed 28 solar panels on their roof and installed solar piping through which they pump their pool water as the primary heat source (before the electric pool heater has to kick in). They also installed a Chargepoint charger on the side of their house, to power their eGolf – their primary commute and “around town” vehicle. Last but not least, they installed a Tesla Powerwall to store and use solar during nighttime and other low-sunlight periods.

Thanks to these alterations, they can enjoy a warm pool, multiple fridges and freezers, and their first-ever air conditioning system, all within the envelope of their pre-remodel monthly energy costs. They also feel relieved to know that when unplanned or scheduled power outages occur, they can be mostly self-reliant, thanks to onsite energy storage.

Passive Design Strategies:

  • Spray foam insulation throughout remodeled sections of home


  • Microgrid maintains power during grid outage
    • Onsite renewable energy: rooftop solar PV (28 panels)
    • Onsite energy storage: Tesla Powerwall
  • 熱泵熱水器
  • Air source heat pump for space heating and cooling
  • 電磁爐
  • 能源之星電器
  • EV charger
  • Solar thermal heating for swimming pool


Architect: Jim Stoecker
Energy Consultant: emeraldECO
Contractor: Brian Kenny
Swimming pool: Jeff Canderle, Canderle Pools