Peninsula Heights Project

地點: 聖馬刁
建築類型: Single family residential, multifamily affordable and market rate, new construction
地位: In design
尺寸: 677,299 square feet
Expected completion: 2023-2025 (phased)
能源使用強度: 14 (targeted)
Electric total energy use: 100%
所有者: Campus Pop Investors, LLC


The Peninsula Heights Project consists of 290 units of new housing allowing for more entry level home-buying opportunities for residents of San Mateo. Offering a range of unit sizes, these 3-4 story for-sale townhomes, stacked flats, and single-family detached homes will display a blend of contemporary and traditional architectural forms and materials that blend cohesively with the surrounding neighborhood. 

The entire project will be all-electric with solar panel arrays installed on the roofs of the multifamily buildings and townhomes. The community will be arranged over two site areas: a Northern Parcel and a Southern Parcel.  Complying with affordable housing requirements as outlined by the City of San Mateo, this project will designate 10% of the proposed units (29 units) for low income households.

The project design and unit mix continually evolved based on comments from the City Planning Department as well as recommendations and desires from the residents of San Mateo. This collaborative design process with a focus on sustainability will result in a residential community with thoughtful positioning and architecture, as well as abundant open space and neighborhood amenities.


  • Onsite solar photovoltaic systems
  • 熱泵熱水器
  • 空氣源熱泵
  • Induction cooktops
  • 能源之星電器


Dahlin Architects
Harris & Sloan